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Mia Lovelock is a renowned artist who creates pieces using acrylic on canvas, oils on canvas, and works on paper. Her passion for art and the environment is reflected in her use of recycled cotton as a surface in her creations.

​With her exceptional talent, Mia Lovelock has created a wide range of stunning artworks that have captured the hearts of art enthusiasts all over the world. From abstract pieces to contemporary landscapes, her art reflects her unique style and creativity.

​Mia Lovelock's acrylic on canvas pieces are vibrant and eye-catching, with bold colours and textures that draw the viewer in. Her oils on canvas pieces are equally breathtaking, with a softer, more ethereal quality that captures the essence of the subject matter.

Mia Lovelock's works on paper are delicate, with intricate details that showcase her mastery of the medium. Her use of recycled cotton in her pieces adds a unique dimension to her artwork and reflects her commitment to preserving the environment.

Whether you are an art collector or a lover of beautiful things, Mia Lovelock's artworks are sure to captivate you. Explore her collection today and discover the magic of her unique creations.

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Click below to purchase Mia's original artworks online.

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