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Welcome to Mia Lovelock Art-wear, where fashion meets art in a unique and sustainable way. Using recycled cotton fabric, Mia Lovelock creates beautiful and distinctive fashion items that are handmade in her studio located in Sydney on Darug country.

Each piece of art-wear is carefully crafted with attention to quality and detail, ensuring that every item is truly one of a kind. Mia's passion for art and sustainability is reflected in her use of recycled cotton fabric, which adds a unique dimension to her creations while also reducing waste.

If you are looking for something truly unique and exceptional, commissioning an art-wear piece from Mia is the perfect choice. 

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Mia Lovelock's art-wear pieces are a fusion of art and fashion that will elevate any wardrobe. From bold prints to intricate details, each piece is a work of art that tells a story and reflects Mia's unique style and creativity.

By choosing to support Mia Lovelock Art-wear, you are not only adding a beautiful and sustainable piece to your wardrobe but also supporting a local artist and contributing to a more eco-friendly fashion industry.

Experience the magic of Mia Lovelock Art-wear and add a touch of art to your wardrobe today. By filling out the enquiry form below, you can request a custom-made art-wear piece that is tailored to your specific preferences and style.

Firefly - Mia Lovelock
Green Tea Cocktail - Mia Lovelock
Tropic-Taxi - Mia Lovelock
City Nights - Mia Lovelock
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Hi Mia...I love love love it, and wore it to my friends wedding recently and everyone commented...your clothes are so well made and fit really well!


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