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Mia Lovelock is a multi-disciplinary artist, passionate about merging different artforms. Her creative journey has been deeply influenced by her upbringing in Arnhem Land and Papua New Guinea, and her indigenous heritage to the Yuin and Kulin Nations. Mia's art showcases a remarkable blend of traditional elements and modern inspirations, resulting in captivating pieces that truly reflect her unique style and creativity.

Lovelock has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions, with her pieces even making appearances on the ABC TV series Black Comedy. In 2022, she was selected as an Artist in Residence for the Red Rattler Future Communities arts program, where she showcased her interdisciplinary skills by presenting her music, art, and fashion in an innovative performance featuring live painting, models, and dancers.

Other live performances have included NAIDOC in the city - Hyde Park, Blackout in Western Sydney alongside other Indigenous acts including BARKAA and the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence for Koori Radio and Blaq.

Her dedication to sustainability shines through her artistic and fashion pursuits alike. Operating her own sustainable fashion label, Mia crafts one-of-a-kind garments using natural fabrics and hand-painted materials, transforming them into true works of wearable art. The exquisite designs of her creations have earned her a place in the spotlight, with features in esteemed USA publications, including Elegant Magazine, SALYSE, and Prolific.

As a musician, Lovelock’s music is a blend of traditional folk and electronic, and her debut single, Endure, released in 2020, was well received by audiences and critics alike, earning her a spot on Spotify's Original Storytellers playlist. Her subsequent releases have continued to receive positive reviews, and her music has been featured on Triple J, Australia's national radio network, as well as popular playlists by both Spotify and Apple Music including Deadly Beats, Fresh Finds and FIRST. Lovelock was also selected as the cover artist for Spotify's Original Storytellers playlist.

Though Mia Lovelock's talents extend beyond visual art, with achievements in fashion and music, her artistic expression remains at the core of her creative identity. Through her captivating works of art, she weaves a narrative that celebrates her indigenous roots, embraces sustainability, and shares her passion for self-expression and the environment with the world.

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